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growing youthful material

G.Y.M – Growing Youthful Material is the teaching arm of Politecnico di Torino SYDERE international competence Center.  

G.Y.M. is a post-graduate advanced training program which, through a residential format that includes an intensive workshop and a live return, is intended for designers and architects enrolled in Politecnico di Torino and visual artists who work in Italy enrolled in the best Universities.

G.Y.M., as a contemporary abbreviation of gymnasium, was a place where young people where trained in athletic games and shared spaces of philosophical education and meeting places, rich in theatrical performances, lessons, conferences, maieutic exchanges.










G.Y.M. intends TO PROMOTE creativity, research, care for the social climate and physical and emotional environments of our territories

Following the principles of the latest team building practices, G.Y.M. desires to enhance the exchange between peers based on the learning by doing method by relating artists, architects and designers actively called to give life to spontaneous forms of self-formation and production to become protagonists of a new history of our country’s behavioral ecology and sustainability.

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new european bauhaus

This path will enjoy a specific curatorial approach due to the careful selection of portfolios and the presence of visiting professors and tutors who will actively participate in the debates on the selected themes and suggesting the most appropriate strategies for carry out the objectives identified by the students for the entire duration of the residency, in the New European Bauhaus frame.

The result will be an interdisciplinary training residency program curated by a university and unique in Italy.