SYDERE heritage

is a branch of the SYDERE Center, and is configured as a Research Laboratory in which to promote, develop, and shape an idea of enhancement understood as a search for effectiveness and efficiency between actions of conservation and actions of enjoyment of Cultural Heritage; virtuous and unprecedented relationships between human (people raising), material (partnership) and economic (fundraising) resources aiming at achieving a sustainable process of enhancement.

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team & projects’ aims

Although beginning from Italian Law (Art. 9 of Italian Constitution, and Art. 6 and 112 of Codice dei Beni Culturali e del Paesaggio, Decreto Legislativo N. 42 January 22nd, 2004), SYDERE HERITAGE aims to improve the value of the territory, understood as in its identity as a complex cultural context and system (with reference to latin etymology of complexus, i.e., that “which is woven together”), in an increasingly sustainable way and according to what is indicated by 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development  – OSS/SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2030 Agenda represents a field that is still unexplored by design methodology, but in which it will be able to make explicit and unleash its full matter. However it SYDERE HERITAGE has begun to set out to implement its first projects in this regard, specifically aiming to achieve the goals: 

main goals



Fostering and enhancing the partnerships between National and International Agencies, Public Authorities, Think Tank, NGO and Business (systemic design and design for territories)

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Shaping the theme of sustainability in all its forms (institutional, environmental, economic and social) towards the safeguarding of life in the marine and maritime spheres through systemic design projects for the enhancement of the Italian lighthouse system. 

aimed at strategic impact and a mutual conscious growth of the territories

Through SYDERE HERITAGE’s contribution, the achievement of these 3 objectives will lead to a consolidated and strategic impact and a mutual and conscious growth of the territories: a specific feature that takes on an unique decade: 2021-2030 decade dedicated by the United Nations itself to the safeguard and sustainable development of the Sea, the Oceans and the territories facing them (2021-2030 United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development).